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Welcome to Meet Connect Refer

“Trust is a biological reaction to the belief that someone has our well-being at heart.”

~ Simon Sinek

Meet Connect Refer is designed to support business professionals who believe “putting human into business” and connecting at a deeper more personal level is the only way for them to not only grow and prosper in a sustainable manner but to also look after the health and wellness of themselves, their staff, their colleagues and indeed their friends and family.

Whilst business success has always been about relationships, today’s business success is all about developing the kind of relationships that will genuinely support you and your business and that’s all about building trust.

Trust is the most important factor in any relationship. It is only after trust is built that we can genuinely work together in a sustainable way. 

Whilst to trust someone does not always mean that you agree with them, it certainly helps if you share the same values.

We start the process of building trust by presenting a carefully chosen topic of conversation. These topics not only prompt some interesting discussions but they also help you to discover what common perspectives and values you might share with the people in your break-out room.

We believe that these are the sort of geniune conversations you won’t find in any other business community!

What’s therefore really important to us is that our events provide the sort of safe environment that will actively foster the development of real genuine and supportive connections.

Whilst putting human into business is not always easy we believe it is always worth the endeavour because when inspired people come together the impossible becomes achievable.

If that sounds like the sort of business community you would like to be a part of then click on the button below and let’s start a conversation.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Phil and Terry

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