Peter Francis

I’m Peter. I’m an engineer and problem-solver, and I’m always looking to find ways of improving processes and getting the best out of the existing assets and the people that use them while making sure that everyone is engaged and happy.

Peter Francis

✆ 01905 888174 or 07779 255437

What I Do

I help the overwhelmed business owners of small to medium sized manufacturers to keep their costs under control, reduce waste and achieve greater efficiency from their existing resources whilst getting workforce buy-in.

How I Do It

I work with the business owners and with every level of their operation to untangle the ideas, growth plans and problems associated with their existing process. I then help develop a clear plan and solution that harmonises the existing with the future in a way that can actually be delivered.

Why I Do It

I’m committed to helping individuals and businesses achieve the best from what assets they already have.

I believe that individuals who feel valued, and included as part of a team, not only have better mental health, but are far more proactive in helping a business to thrive and prosper.

I know that what we do as individuals can be magnified when working together as a team, because they want the same thing.

This, to me, means that people who work in any process or manufacturing are NOT part of a machine; they are actually a fundamental part of the process of business; they want to be part of the best.

And what business doesn’t want the best?

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